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Harvest and Gather... Mixed Media with Stitch/Embroidery

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Image of Harvest and Gather... Mixed Media with Stitch/Embroidery

Harvest and Gather.... 8" x 10" Mixed Media painting with free form stitching/embroidery on canvas. Ready to hang.

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This is a new series inspired by the garden, tea, eco dyeing, gathering, and old greenhouses.
A new mixed media work with painting and stitching combined. Worked with free motion embroidery/needle painting on my sewing machine.An exploration in layers, subtle color, texture and mark making.
Finished with a matt varnish. Ready to hang.

This artwork will be handled with care and is offered to you with Free Shipping within USA. I hope you enjoy the piece.
Care: As with all artwork, refrain from hanging in direct sunlight to prevent fading of colors.
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